About Anne Westhart

After spending a number of years looking for my purpose and passion, I’ve come to realize a few things. Regarding my purpose, I suspect that I actually have many purposes, most of which are privy only to the Universe and the Creator. (I’ve only recently stopped obsessing about having to know each and every one of them. Instead, I try living within the mystery.) As for my passion, I seem to have a number of them and many more yet to be discovered if my history is anything to go by. 

And I can’t help thinking that many of us are multi-purposed, multi-passioned beings.

I’ve come to think of myself as a cross-pollinator:  someone whose curiosity is so potent that any given day will find me flying and dipping from interest to interest like a bumblebee flies from flower to flower, taking a little something from one and delivering it to another in order to awaken new potential. My ideas and dreams germinate over time until they burst forth as poems, blog posts, and creative projects that I can share as tangible results of this wonderful curiosity. Then, it’s on to the next interest, the next idea from which nectar is drawn and deposited elsewhere, to hibernate until it’s ready to bloom in its own manner.